Why Choose Us

An exciting new nursery in the heart of Limehouse, Little Limehouse offers 6 months to 5 year olds a safe, loving and stimulating environment away from home.

Our Aims

We are passionate about giving children a good start in life.

We are a charity with 30 years of experience of helping children, young people and whole families thrive.

We strive to provide a stimulating and welcoming indoors and outdoors environment and motivate children to learn.

Learning through play helps children gain social skills and thrive. Every child is unique. That’s why we provide a range of stimulating activities enabling children to explore their physical and creative talents.

We are passionate about children. Our timetable of activities is creatively designed to each child’s unique personal development needs. For parents, our service offers peace of mind.

From outdoors play and gardening time, cooking time to imaginary play, each activity is creatively designed to help each children flourish while taking first steps towards reaching their potential before entering school.

Facing St. Anne’s Church and a stone’s throw from Canary Wharf, our pre-school is ten minutes from West Ferry Road DLR and opposite a stop for the D3 15, 115 and 135 buses.

Our recently refurbished site offers open plan playrooms flooded with natural daylight and bursting with excitement!

Toys, books, equipment and facilities to keep our children entertained and stimulated throughout the day.

Our fantastic soft-play play and outdoors play areas ensure a maximum of fun and learning experiences.